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Non-stop LIVE talks, Q&As and discussions with 72 industry leaders from 35 countries. The event will be live streamed FREE on YouTube – join us any time starting at 3:00hrs on 24 June 2020.

Attend live online lectures from the brightest minds in Photonics to better understand opportunities and challenges of Photonics, the game changing technology that is taking over the world.

No, you don’t have to attend the whole 24-hour event – just tune in and stay as long as you like!
The 24-hour Photonics Marathon will be hosted by EPIC. Watch out for a special guest appearance by Stella, your Photonics Superhero! And don’t forget to register below – we’ll send you a link to the event before it starts.

    24 JUNE 2020 from 3:00HRS

    ALL TIMES IN Central European Summer Time (GMT+2)
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    03:00 Southern Photonics Founder John Harvey
    03:20 Cylite VP Business Development Simon Poole
    03:40 DNP – Fine Optronics Deputy General Manager Ariyoshi Matsumura
    04:00 Jasper Display Corp. CEO Ken Tai
    04:20 Panoptics CEO Jangsun Kim
    04:40 Shanghai Feibo Laser Technologies General Manager Xiaojun Li
    05:00 Eureka Robotics Director Pham Quang Cuong
    05:20 Denselight CEO Rajan Rajgopal
    05:40 AMF President Patrick Lo
    06:00 CompoundTek SiP Testing Director Soon Leng Tan
    06:20 Paras Defence & Space Technologies Director Anish Mehta
    06:40 SLTL Group – Sahajanand Laser Tech. Ltd Executive Director Maulik Patel
    07:00 Lumos Laser Co-Founder & CEO Şöhret Karamuk
    07:20 Multilane CEO Fadi Daou
    07:40 FORC-Photonics Head of High Peak Power Laser Group Mikhail Likhachev
    08:00 Polarus Executive Director Katherina Khodunova
    08:20 MacroOptica Business Development Director Danil Safonov
    08:40 Brolis Semiconductors Founder Augustinas Vizbaras
    09:00 Wavelength Opto-Electronic CTO Charles Wang
    09:20 Focuslight CEO & President Victor Liu
    09:40 BWT CEO Jack Chen
    10:00 TBD    
    10:20 TBD    
    10:40 TBD    
    11:00 Duma Optronics Founder Oren Aharon
    11:20 DustPhotonics CTO Kobi Hasharoni
    11:40 Shamir Precision Optics Business Development Manager Lior Levin
    12:00 GAVISH Sapphire CEO Joseph Sragowicz
    12:20 CI Systems Product Line Manager Amir Gil
    12:40 Hellenic Photonics Cluster Chairman of BoD Elias Hontzopoulos
    13:00 Marduk Technologies CTO Toomas Pruuden
    13:20 Elbit Systems Senior Director R&D and Innovation Alex Ayalon
    13:40 Coherent Managing Director, Tampere Business Unit Jarno Kangastupa
    14:00 VTT Research Team Leader and Silicon Photonics Pioneer Timo Aalto
    14:20 VIGO President Adam Piotrowski
    14:40 Norsk Elektro Optikk CEO – HySpex Division Trond Løke
    15:00 SYLEX Engineering Manager Interconnections Eduard Koza
    15:20 Veoneer Director Visual Enhancement & Cognitive Systems Research Jan-Erik Kallhammer
    15:40 IBM Senior Engineer Photonic Packaging Development Paul Fortier
    16:00 NKT Photonics President & CEO Basil Garabet
    16:20 TRUMPF Photonic Components Managing Director Berthold Schmidt
    16:40 ZEISS Fellow Michael Totzeck
    17:00 MTorres Technical Supervisor Xabier  Monton
    17:20 CSIR Research Group Leader – Novel Lasers Hencharl Strauss
    17:40 STMicroelectronics Technology Scouting and Innovation Director. AMS/IPSYS Eric Mazaleyrat
    18:00 FN Herstal Product and Technology Innovation Team Manager Hugues Libottes
    18:20 ASML Business Development Manager Umberto Emanuele
    18:40 BAE Lead Technologist: Sensing Henri White
    19:00 TBD    
    19:20 Hottinger, Brüel & Kjær Director, Optical Business Luis Ferreira
    19:40 CERTI Head of Technology Manuel Steidle
    20:00 Mexican Photonics Cluster President Eric Rosas
    20:20 TeraXion President and CEO Ghislain Lafrance
    20:40 Photon etc. President Sébastien Blais-Ouellette
    21:00 NUBURU CEO Mark Zediker
    21:20 RIO OptaSense President Yves LeMaitre
    21:40 TBD    
    22:00 Edmund Optics Director Pecision Optics Lars Sandström
    22:20 nLight VP of Fiber Laser Technology Dahv Kliner
    22:40 LightPath CEO Sam Rubin
    23:00 Intel GM New Business and Sr. Director of Marketing | Silicon Photonics Product Division Robert Blum
    23:20 Freedom Photonics CEO Milan Mashanovitch
    23:40 Sanmina Medical CTO Robert Newberry
    00:00 Excelitas Technologies Chief Technology Officer – Commercial Robin Swain
    00:20 Ocean Insight Vice President, Product Development and Engineering Steve Buckley
    00:40 Infinera VP, Optical Integrated Components Mehrdad Ziari
    01:00 Microsoft Partner Optical Architect Bernard Kress
    01:20 Lumentum CTO Brandon Collings
    01:40 TBD    
    02:00 TBD    
    02:20 Cisco Director Technology Development Peter De Dobbelaere
    02:40 LightWave Logic CEO Michael Lebby