Google “Photonics” here 🡻 on 21 October!

Across all web searches worldwide, the word “Photonics” is typed into Google search, on average, 740 times per day. That’s about 5 times less than the word Photophobia (fear of light). And on the most important day of the year for the Photonics industry – the Day of Photonics – there are typically just as few searches as there are on any other day.

Before we can convince a new audience to buy, invest in or write about Photonics technology, we must introduce them to the word first.

We rarely see the word “Photonics” in media headlines, or hear it in science podcasts, or search for it on Google. Words like “quantum” and “nanotechnology” don’t have this problem. Most of us have seen them before, even though we might not know what they mean.

On 21 October, we can change all that and help to bring Photonics to a whole new audience of students, researchers, industries and investors.

All you need to do is Google search the word “Photonics” on 21 October 2021, this year’s international Day of Photonics.