Who am I?

I was born on a clear and starry night in Barcelona, Spain, on October 21st 1983. From an early age I was interested in the power of light and how it works. I guess I was influenced by my scientist father’s passion for biophotonic projects, and by his love of an old Pink Floyd album called “Dark Side of the Moon”. 

My parents were killed by a mysterious virus when I was 10 years old. That terrible event drove me to a simple mission. I wanted to help people, and to destroy the enemies of humanity.

After completing my studies in Physics, I moved to Berlin, Germany, where I’m a Photonics Engineer. By day, I work in the lab of a Deep Tech company that develops lasers for all kinds of industrial processes and healthcare technologies. By night, I stay in the lab to work on my own projects.

That’s how I discovered my superpower. I can make photonics do amazing things. I’m the world’s only Photonics Superhero.