Stella attends the 24h World Photonics Marathon

Photonics superhero Stella invites all tech enthusiasts, industry professionals and curious minds to join her in attending the 24-hour, non-stop Photonics Marathon on 24 June, starting at 3am (Central European Summer Time, GMT+2). Completely free and potentially life changing!  

The 24 hour conference will feature 72 speakers from 35 countries across 13 time zones. Together with you, Stella will attend live online lectures from the brightest minds in Photonics to better understand opportunities, advances and challenges of photonics – the game changing technology that is taking over the world.

Free insights from the brightest minds in Photonics

Lasers, defense & space technologies, smart driving, augmented reality tech, medical tech, photonics enabled markets, electro-optical solutions and digital modulation. These are just some of the topics that will be covered.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about photonics technology advances that are changing the world. The lectures and presentations on photonics-related topics are 15 minutes long, followed by 5 minutes of discussion. You can find the full agenda at this link.

“Photonics is taking over the world for one whole day – 24 June. I will be there to hear about and discuss advances, news and insights about Photonics, the game changing technology that’s super-powering industries worldwide!”, said Stella.

Reserve your online seat for the Photonics event of 2020!

The event lasts for 24 hours, but you don’t have to follow every session. Just tune in and stay as long as you like! 

The 24-hour World Photonics Marathon is free for everyone to watch, and will be livestreamed on YouTube Live, starting at 3am (Central European Summer Time, GMT+2) on 24 June.

Don’t forget to register for the event and reserve your online seat next to Stella!

How photonics is taking on Covid-19

Game-changing technology explained by a photonics superhero!

In the newly built Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan, the early pandemic epicenter, strong UV-C light emitters have been installed to decontaminate doctors and nursing staff when they enter or leave the Corona isolation ward. Just a 30 second exposure to the photonic tech based light emitter was enough to kill all traces of Covid-19, allowing doctors more time to fight against the pandemic.   

That is just one of the many examples of the pivotal role photonics technology is playing in the fight against Coronavirus. In recent months, researches and industry leaders around the world have turned to photonics to combat the virus. The results are impressive. 

Photonics is used to develop quicker and more reliable Covid-19 tests, biosensors for safe virus detection and universal material coating that kills the virus in seconds.

Coronavirus detection in minutes, thanks to Photonics

European photonics researchers are now developing rapid, non-invasive tests to instantly detect Covid-19 as soon as it is present in the body. Laser-based sensors detect coronavirus at the earliest point of infection from a saliva or nasal swab in minutes.

Researchers at the University of Central Florida are creating an UV light-activated coating for masks and gloves that can trap and kill the COVID-19 virus in seconds. 

Scientists in India are using photonics tech to develop cutting-edge AI-based terahertz radiation scanning units, which enable infrared thermal scanners to test coronavirus patients earlier and more accurately.

In the early stages of the pandemic, Japan’s Toho University researchers used laser/imaging tech to explain how Covid-19 spreads by talking. 

This is just a glimpse into how photonics technology is powering a worldwide scientific battle against the virus.

Meet Stella, photonics superhero!

​Imagined by a group of photonics enthusiasts, “Stella” was conceived as a Spanish-born photonics engineer working at a Deep Tech company lab in Berlin, Germany.

“My mission is to show the incredible impact photonics technology is having on the 21st Century. Photonics is powering so many advances across so many industries, it’s just like a superpower, ” said Stella.

As the world’s only photonics superhero, Stella’s first task is to spread the word on how photonics technology is taking on the Covid-19 virus.

Ask Stella a question, get answers from scientists and industry leaders!

Anyone with a question about the photonics revolution can “Ask Stella Anything” on her website at

For more information about Stella’s adventures or to learn more about the photonics revolution, please contact Stella’s EPIC team at


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